Atlanta e-Commerce at a Glance

In 2010, our company moved from Mississippi to Atlanta for two reasons. Well, really it was three. My wife being from Florida was not a big fan of Mississippi, and you know what they say about a happy wife, happy life!

The two business reasons we moved were: 1) We needed to find physical space for our company to grow, and 2) we needed to find talented people that enabled growth. In both respects, Atlanta has been a critically beneficial step in the evolution of the studio.

Looking at both of these concepts as it relates to actual e-commerce companies (not agencies like ours), it’s interesting to see how these dynamics play out locally.

It’s always amazing to us how many successful online businesses we run across in the Atlanta area because there is certainly not a lot of fanfare about their existence. Many of these companies have over a decade of experience being online, which is fantastic. E-commerce business owners are not usually big staples of local Chambers of Commerce or networking groups. No, they’re mainly focused on getting their products shipped out of their respective Atlanta-area warehouses.

From a personnel perspective for marketing and site development, we’ve seen a mixed bag. Some Atlanta businesses have handled everything in-house, whereas others have somewhat relied on additional outsourced talent.

There are also a variety of e-commerce platforms being utilized in the Atlanta area, from SaaS solutions like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Volusion to open source platforms like Magento. We’ve also run across several that are on custom solutions they’ve had developed.

These e-commerce companies, by and large, have operated independently of any group Atlanta association, but we see evidence of that changing every day. With the troubling state of world affairs at the moment, it’s more important than ever that the Atlanta e-commerce community stand together to offer advice and resources to help each other out. We’re all in this together, after all.

We’re excited to be part of the future of Atlanta e-commerce. With such amazing companies present, these “hidden jewels” shouldn’t remain hidden for long!

Note: Eric is the CEO of EYStudios located in Kennesaw, Ga. EYStudios was the 2017 Magento Partner of the Year (North America) and the current 2019 BigCommerce Partner of the Year. EYStudios has a passion for continuing to develop eCommerce growth in the Atlanta Metro Area.

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