E-Commerce Atlanta: History and Mission

ECom ATL represents the coming together of two communities that had developed independently and came together to expand the possibilities of what we could do together.

E-Commerce Atlanta Meetup was founded by Klevu and Current Commerce, and quickly reached impressive with national guest speakers and a commitment to bringing the Atlanta eCommerce community together. The Southeast Magento Meetup was organized by Red Rook and EY Studios, and became the second largest Magento meetup in the world, with a focus on the Magento platform and the supporting technologies around it.

We brought these two groups together with the addition of new host member Variux to create the largest eCommerce meetup in Atlanta, with over 400 members and growing every month.

With our newest host member Nexcess joining our team, we have five strong board members driving our mission to grow eCommerce Atlanta into one of the premier eCommerce communities in the country.

Our mission is to facilitate communication and learning among tech partners, agencies, and merchants for online commerce in Atlanta and beyond. We recognize that there are many outcomes members seek when determining what groups they might spend their free or work time on, which include:

    • Knowledge of eCommerce business processes and best practices
    • Understanding new market technologies and how older technologies compare
    • Opportunity for partnership building or other joint ventures with members
    • A chance to meet new potential clients
    • A place to socialize and meet new people

It’s our goal to facilitate all of these by providing powerhouse speakers supported by strong technology partners in a forum that’s both professional and fun. We attract the top eCommerce technologies and past speakers/sponsors have included: BigCommerce, Magento, AdRoll, DotDigital, Avalara, and many more.

You’ve found us…now come join us and become part of the story!

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